Lukas Hauser is a Swiss London-based artist who enthusiastically filled sketchbooks in his childhood until starting a finance career at 16. Apart from rare visits to his father’s art studio, he abandoned brush and canvas for more than a decade. He revived his creativity after moving to London where he became interested in street photography as a result of the vibrant and ever-changing backdrop of London and its inhabitants. Another four years later, he came across brush set, tiny paint tubes and small canvases in a Pound store, which inspired him to re-acquaint himself with his artistic nature. When the first piece was finished, his love of painting was reborn. Next to self-study, he attended two painting classes and practiced in residence.

In May 2019, he is presenting his first art exhibition, Gilded Cage: An Escape Journey on Canvas, at the 5th Base Gallery in London. In a series of paintings, he attempts to reconstruct the feeling of being trapped in a monotonous routine.

After a first figurative piece named “Only from the inside, a hamster wheel looks like a career ladder”, he created twisted interpretations of well-known works of art to learn from the Greats and to develop his own style; Van Gogh’s sunflower vase explodes and Trump stares down from a contemporary version of Holbein’s Henry VIII. Fascinated by old masters, Hauser pursued portraiture, an art genre that he finds particularly challenging, but also rewarding when a piece turns out well.

As the artist’s practice evolves, a style has become apparent. Deep, mysterious blacks are in strong contrast with light tones and bright colours. Next to his realistic work, he created abstract and experimental pieces. Although Hauser’s paintings consist of mixed styles and subjects, they reflect his deepest thoughts and feelings on the escape journey. He hopes to evoke similar reactions in the viewer.

Lukas Hauser at his first exhibition / Photo: Conrad Ho