I’ve just published the street photography series “Honeymoon Factory Waikiki“. This was the first time I shot a themed series of photos with a project in mind, rather than randomly snapping on the streets. I’ve also tried my luck and submitted this series as my entry to the Magnum Photography Awards 2017. I’m very curious what the outcome will be.

What I first noticed when landing in Honolulu were couples in matching clothing. Almost the entire immigration queue consisted of honeymooners wearing the same shirt, trousers, hats or shoes and sometimes even the full partner look from head to toe. The biggest trend right now seems to be matching Birkenstocks.

When strolling through Waikiki, you find the same breed, in addition to some couples who run around in their wedding dresses and tuxedos to do pre-wedding shootings. This has cliché written all over it and hence I decided to create a photo series.

The Hawaiian word ‘Aloha’, which is used as a greeting for ‘Hello’ and ‘Good bye’, means affection, peace, compassion, and mercy. This is one of many couples with matching shirts.

In this photo, you find two Waikiki clichés in one frame :
– Honeymoon must have 1: Matching Clothes: Check
– Honeymoon must have 2: convertible Ford Mustang, the car model a typical honeymooner hires: Check

This is one of a few couples that I saw walking through Waikiki to take pictures at various locations. I assume it’s their pre-wedding photos. That running around in the wedding clothes must be exhausting, especially with that strong midday sun. Hopefully they still get time to enjoy the Aloha-Spirit.

These three photos were just a preiew. Check out the full series here and my entry to the Magnum Photography Awards here.

I hope you enjoy and I’m happy to hear your comments and thoughts! You find me under @thisishauser on social media.




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